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Mrs. Padgett is a Registered Nurse and holds a multistate registered nursing license with primary practice in South Carolina. Nurse Padgett has 32 years of nursing experience in hospital, pediatrics and community health nursing with 25 of those years in school nursing in Orangeburg, South Carolina schools.  Over her career, Mrs. Padgett has served in the role of School Nurse, Lead School Nurse, School Nursing Program Manager and Coordinator of Nursing Services and served thousands of students and families. Nurse Padgett serves on the South Carolina School Nurse Advisory Committee and assists in developing school nursing policy and training new school nurses. Nurse Padgett was a Times & Democrat 2021 Nursing Award recipient. Nurse Padgett is passionate about serving and caring for students and their families and mentoring new school nurses.  
Felton Laboratory Health Room :
If a student becomes ill or if an injury occurs at school that needs medical attention by a physician, a parent/guardian will be contacted and will be responsible for picking up the student promptly. Please notify the school of any medical alerts or medications your child takes on a regular basis.
A sick child does not perform well in class and may expose his/her classmates to childhood diseases.
If your child develops stomach virus symptoms, please keep them home until they are 24 hours symptom-free.
A child may not attend school with a temperature of 100°F or more. A child may not attend school if he/she has had a temperature of 100°F within the last 24 hours, even if the child is on antibiotics or anti-viral medicine.
A child may return to school when his/her temperature has been less than 100°F for a full 24-hours without the use of a fever-reducing medicine.
If your child develops a fever at school, you or a designated adult will be required to pick him/her up.
Restrictions to activity in school require a medical note. If your child has physical restrictions, please provide a doctor's note. 

Prescription medicine should be delivered to the nurse by a parent/guardian in a current, properly named, and labeled container from the pharmacy that reflects the current prescription. A school  consent form must be signed by the prescribing physician and the parent. A new form is needed each school year. 
Over-the-counter medications may be administered to a student by the school’s nurse if medication is supplied from home with a consent form. A consent form must be signed by the parent/guardian prior to the school-administered medication. A new form is needed each school year. 
The FLCS health room does not keep any over-the-counter medications. Medications must be provided by the parent or legal guardian, and a proper consent form must be completed and on file in the FLCS Health room.
All medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, will be secured in the Health Room.
Patti Padgett, RN
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